Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minka Kelly Look for Less <$97

I am loving this easy-breezy Summer look from Minka Kelly. I'm wishing I could wear it today!

Monday, May 30, 2011

French Waterfall

A while ago I posted these instructions for the Topsy Tail Waterfall.  It had a very beautiful look but it was very loose so this is a bit of an updated version to that but this one does require the knowledge of the French Braid which the other does not. 
 I will give specific instruction for the hairstyle show here but you can use the French Waterfall as a headband, two braids or in any other form you like. 
Create an off-centered part that goes all the way back to the crown of the head.  Now create a parallel part 1/2 inch inside of the first and clip aside that new thin strip of hair. 
Create one more part parallel to the first two but make sire it's about 2-3 inches across the head.  Now you will create a French Braid out of the new section of hair (making sure to only gather hair from inside this parted section) and only add in hair until the crown of the hair.  Just finish plating a Regular 3-Strand Braid after that point.  Secure it at the end with a temporary elastic. 
 Now grab your Topsy Tail and that thins strip of air that you set aside.  Poke your Topsy Tail through the first plate of the French Braid and feed a bit of hair from your thin strip directly through it.
 Do this again with the second plate and so on until your entire thin strip has been fed through the plates of the French Braid. 
 Now brush all of the hair down to the nape of the neck and secure it with an elastic - making sure to include the braid.  Take the temporary elastic out of the braid and brush it into the ponytail.  Now braid the ponytail and secure it at the end with one final elastic.  Add some hair clips to finish it off.  

Ashley Tisdale Look For Less < $120

Here's a fun look incorporating a few summer essentials: a striped top, cut-off denim shorts and aviators!

Source: google.com via Jackie on Pinterest


Get the look:
Top-it's only $3.99!  (This one is closer to original, but much pricier)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback Friday: Wet-Pinned Curls

Wet-Pinned Curls can take some time to prep for but they have such a beautiful final look.  Start with the hair really wet and make sure you pull it up into any initial style before creating your curls.  Grab a box of bobby pins to have at your side before you start. 
Section out some mall pieces of hair - they can be medium or small, depending on how think you would like your curls.  Starting with the end of the hair, wrap it in a circular motion all the way up to the scalp and then pin it against the head using two bobby pins to create an "X" for maximum hold.  Your curls can be would as tightly or as loosely as you like just depending on how large or small you want your curls.  Continue wrapping and pinning sections of hair all around the head.  When you are finished your princess will resemble a 20's Flapper with all the wet tight curls against her head.  I wish I had taken a picture at this point but back in the day I never had a reason to do that!  :)  The hair will take about 3 hours to set.  (You can speed up that time by using a warm dryer to dry the hair.) 
When you're ready, take the pins out of the hair and let the curls fall loosely.  Spray the hair with a bit of hairspray to help hold the curls and you're all finished!

the "it" list... May 27, 2011!


Happy Friday ladies! Can you believe it is the final Friday of May - summer is here!  
Celebrate this weekend by taking some extra time to peruse these fabulous blogs!

  • thought and musing looks amazing in layered neutrals... her scarf/belt/necklace combination is very inspiring - I want to try that!
  • lady M breaks down the color grey with all the inspiration you would ever need to completely fall in love with this color. From a gorgeous dress to your favorite celebs rocking the color - she has it all! (find lady M on twitter!)
  • 100 inspirations has an Angelina Jolie inspired outfit in a gorgeous nude hue - THE color for spring!  Check it out!
  • good clean fun takes a classic summer combo, strawberries and rhubarb, and mixes them up into a fabulous summer cocktail... just in time for the holiday weekend! (find good clean fun on twitter!)
  • the stylish housewife sports a classic outfit inspired by the one and only Olivia Palermo - check out her spin on the look! (find the stylish housewife on twitter!)
  • the capital barbie is loving bright orange for summer - this nail polish caught my eye!  Check out her other bold and bright picks! (find the capital barbie on twitter!)
  • rose a la mode found the perfect outfit for the long drive back from vacation and I love it! (find rose a la mode on twitter!)
  • a spot of whimsy is crushing on the interior stylings of Ralph Lauren.  You will be too after you check out these ultra classic and ultra comfortable digs! (find a spot of whimsy on twitter!)
  • sweetie pie style features the Tribeca loft of Erin Featherston - it's superbly feminine!  The girly girl in you will love it! (find sweetie pie style on twitter!)
  • alisha of alisha & brandon is bringing back a pair of old wide leg jeans to her closet and is also dishing on style versus fashion. (find alisha & brandon on twitter!)
  • infashuation had my heart skipping a beat with stripes, leopard print and white jeans. This is the ultimate in summer outfit combos! (find infashuation on twitter!)
  • the fancy red boots is letting her readers choose her new handbag for her - how fun!?!? I am loving one bag in particular... which one are you loving? (find the fancy red boots on twitter!)
  • a lucky fifth rounds up her favorite drugstore beauty finds. Who doesn't love a peek into others' makeup stash?
  • along abbey road brings us her top fashion picks from the Cannes Film Festival.  There are so many gorgeous celebrities and dresses!
  • good life for less is passionate for pink this summer - check out her fun picks from shoes, to clothes to accessories! (find good life for less on twitter!)
the IT list is produced weekly by jill of good life for less - for information on how to be involved, click here!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Julia Stiles

Best Spa in NYC-Fountain Med Spa & Laser Skin Care Center‎

www.lydiaocarroll.com -- Amazing Spa, I saw Bridget here for laser hair removal ,she was so helpful with the details of how many treatments i would need done.It was so quick and painless, i was welcomed in the reception so warmly and my wait time was not long.The rooms are quite and cozy. as im a fair brown haired female ill be getting approx 4 treatments. already 2 weeks later after one session i notice the "bald" spots i suppose you can call them, soon ill never have to worry about this so exciting..the owner Dr. Todd Schlifstein is featured in Sports Illustrated yalking about different beauty services, as we all know SI features Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Brooklyn Decker,Anne V and Jessica White.. HIGHLY recommend this spa.

 201 E 69th Street New York, NY 10021 (212) 327-1316 fountainmedicalgroup.com‎

top 15 under $100 - week 32! (the "dress" issue!)


Summertime calls for some new breezy sundresses to wear right? Forever 21, my favorite place to go when my budget is low has a really great selection to choose from. Here are just a few of my favorites!


The little white lace dress is shaping up to be the dress of summer 2011.  Here are my fave picks for under $100:


Considering how obsessed we have all been with stripes lately it's impossible not to want a fun little striped dress for summer. Here are some great picks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do The Twist

Corkscrews have such a pretty look to them and they hold so nicely that I find myself using them quite a bit.
  Your first step with this style is to create a part from ear to ear so that you have a top section to work with.  Now separate a middle section from that top section and clip it aside for a moment.
 You should have two remaining sections from the top that you will want to create Corkscrews out of.  Have your princess hold these two Corkscrews while you move back up to that middle section.
 Divide the section into two equal parts and secure each part with an elastic. 
Using your Topsy Tail, create a Pull-Through out of each small section and then twist them both together to create another Corkscrew. 
Combine the three Corkscrews together at the back of the head with an elastic. 
Take the hair from that combination and create another, slightly larger, Corkscrew.  Add that Corkscrew in with all of the remaining hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with an elastic. 
 Now separate that new ponytail into two even pieces and create a Corkscrew out of each piece.  Twist those two Corkscrews together creating a Hawser Braid.  Add any hair clips you like and you're all finished. 

angelina jolie look for less < $125

I love this classic look from Angelina Jolie... a nude dress is so simple and stylish right now.  This look would be perfect to wear to a wedding or a spring baby shower.

to buy:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Olivia Palermo Look for Less <$120

Olivia Palermo mixes menswear with a subtle hint of femininity in this look! I love how she pulls off the tie and the leopard pumps are just perfection!

get the look!
(pic source People)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Low Frenchies

This is another post that is nothing new but it's more of a different way of looking at things.  So often I am caught in my habit of placing everything in it's usual spot when a common hairstyle can look so cool just by changing the placement of a few things.  This hairstyle is an example of that.
 It's your basic Side By Side French Braids but we've changed a few things around. 
 First we moved the part a bit.  Instead of having it directly in the middle of the head we have off-centered it a bit.  (It starts off centered but will end up in the center of the neck at the bottom.) 
It's usually easiest to begin with the larger section of hair.  You will be doing a regular French Braid but instead of placing it directly in the middle of it's section, move it a bit lower and closer to the ear. 
You will probably need to keep a comb handy to smooth out each piece as you add it into your French Braid so you avoid any "sharks".  (Hairs that bubble up like a shark fin.)  When you've added all the hair in from that side of the head, finish braiding to the bottom of the hair and secure it with an elastic.   
 Repeat the same steps for the other half of the head - pulling the braid lower by the ear. 
When you finish you will have two loose braids that you can connect with some bobby pins so that they are attached side-by-side.  Combine them at the bottom with a final elastic and add some hair clips where you would like. 
 It's a fun new look on an old favorite!